Best Place To Buy Healthy Betta Fish Online

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Betta fish are known as the jewels of the aquatic world. Their dazzling colors and stunning array of finnage and forms make them firm favorites among hobbyists worldwide. Bettas are extremely easy to care for too, as long as you provide your fishy friend with the correct conditions and nutrition. Once hooked, many betta enthusiasts get into the fascinating hobby of breeding bettas too.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Betta Fish?

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Well, most fish stores carry a limited stock of bettas, but you’ll find a much wider choice of colors and forms if you buy your fish from an online betta breeder. Some people have misgivings about buying fish online. However, in our experience, provided that you buy your betta from a reputable, recommended website, all should be well.

We’ve taken time out to research where to buy betta fish. In this detailed guide, we give you the low-down on the best place to buy healthy betta fish online.

Betta Fish for Sale Online

All the sites we’ve included in our list are highly reputable, so you can buy your betta with confidence.


Kiev, Ukraine - December 15, 2011 - The sign on a monitor screen. is an american world's largest e-commerce internet shop, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

Amazon has recently included links to several betta fish breeders and sellers. Not everyone has a good aquarium store in their local area, so it’s great to have the option of buying bettas safely online from a marketplace that has a good reputation for security and reliability.

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Betta Fish Shipping & Delivery

All live fish are carefully packed by hand and shipped in insulated boxes. Each betta fish supplier has slightly different shipping arrangements and fees, so you must check each one for details of the speed of delivery, live delivery guarantees, shipping charges, etc.

Choice of Exotic Bettas for Sale

Each supplier offers a good range of bettas with different forms and colors, including female fish too, which is ideal if you want to breed them. You can specify what colors you would like, and if the fish you want is not in stock, you can place an order, and the online fish dealer will supply the specimen as soon as one is available. Check the site regularly for updates on what bettas are in stock.


  • Reputable site.
  • Good customer service.
  • Amazon return policy.


  • Can’t see before buying.
  • Shipping may be limited in certain areas.


Petco logo

When considering where to buy betta fish online, Petco is the go-to supplier for many enthusiasts. Petco is a well-established, reputable online store that offers live betta fish for sale. There’s even a dedicated online betta fish shop where you can purchase everything you’ll need for your new pet.

Search on Petco

Shipping & Delivery

All live fish are shipped by next day delivery. If you won’t be around during the week to receive your order, you can request a Saturday delivery for an additional charge. Petco gives a 30-day survival guarantee on all live fish and invertebrates.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

Petco offers a huge range of over 40 types and colors of betta fish for sale, many at very affordable prices that are comparable with a regular high street store.


  • Very good range of colors and forms of bettas.
  • Offers a 30-day survival guarantee.


  • Can’t see the fish until it arrives.


Aquabid logo

Aquabid is an online auction site, specializing in live fish. Here, betta breeders use a sales board to offer individual bettas for sale to the highest bidder. The site tends to be used by diehard species enthusiasts and betta breeders who are looking for breeding stock.



Shipping arrangements are dependent on the individual breeder and are dependent on whereabouts you are in the country/world.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

If you’re looking to buy rare and unusual types of betta fish, Aquabid is a good place to search. Check out the site’s home page daily to see what fish are available.


  • A wide range of beautiful and unusual betta fish.


  • No D.O.A. refund offered.

Aqua Imports


Aqua Imports is based in Boulder, Colorado and have a variety of beautiful betta fish to choose from. Live arrival is guaranteed, and labelled with the region of origin or country. They’ve had 1000’s of successful online shipments and years of experience selling live fish.

Visit Aqua Imports



  • High quality standards and live arrival guarantee
  • Experienced supplier and relationships in over 20 countries


  • Will only ship monday through wednesday (to ensure safe delivery of your fish)


eBay logo

eBay is the world’s most well-known and respected auction site. Although some sellers offering betta fish do so on an auction footing, others will offer fish for sale that you can “Buy Now.”



Shipping arrangements and fees depend on the individual selling the betta fish.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

There’s usually a wide range of betta fish for sale on eBay, ranging from run-of-the-mill betta splendens to beautiful, exotic bettas of different forms, and pretty Plakats.


  • A wide range of betta fish for sale.
  • Buyers are encouraged to provide reviews.


  • Some sellers only ship to certain countries.
  • No refund of shipping costs if D.O.A.


Liveaquaria logo

Liveaquaria offers a range of live fish and fish-related products for sale via their online store. The company has a good reputation for providing high-quality fish and excellent customer service.


Betta Fish Delivery

When your order is shipped, you’ll be sent an email confirming the estimated delivery time and instructions on how to acclimate your new fish. There’s a 14-day survival guarantee too, provided that you follow the care instructions.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

The site is updated regularly and has an excellent range of beautiful betta fish for sale, including some of the more unusual varieties.


  • A good reputation for reliability.
  • Great choice of betta fish.
  • 14-day survival guarantee.


  • Does not ship live betta fish to some regions and countries.

That Pet Place

That Pet Place logo

That Pet Place is an online pet store that offers a wide range of fish species and fish-related products, including betta fish for sale. The company has an excellent reputation for providing very good quality bettas at reasonable prices.



Shipping costs vary, depending on where you live. Orders are dispatched within two to three days of the order being placed and are shipped by priority mail for next-day delivery.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

The supplier offers a good selection of betta fish, including the female version of some varieties, which is extremely useful if you want to buy some breeding stock.


  • Well-established company.
  • A good reputation in the marketplace.


  • Some varieties of bettas only available to purchase from company’s retail stores. logo

This online store sells live betta fish, together with providing you with all the information that you’ll need to keep your fish healthy, including feeding tips, tank setup, and more.



The seller ships to the U.S. only. The priority shipping option can take a few days to arrive at a standard location, and no guarantee of safe arrival is provided. You can pay more for express delivery, and that does provide a survival guarantee.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

These betta specialists offer a wide range of all the most popular varieties of betta fish, including Platak fighters.


  • Overnight delivery available.


  • Overnight delivery option is more expensive than standard.

Bettas and Art

Bettas and Art logo

This online store offers beautiful bettas for those who are interested in showing their specimens or breeding from them. The fish are either bred locally or imported. The New York-based supplier also sells unusual, betta-themed artworks.



The seller ships to the U.S. only. You can opt for standard shipping or pay extra for overnight delivery. A transit survival refund is only offered if you opt for overnight delivery.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

This supplier offers extremely high-quality, high-value bettas for sale that are bred for show.


  • Supplies some rare and stunningly beautiful show-quality bettas.
  • Also sells unusual betta-themed artworks.


  • Overnight delivery option is more expensive than standard.
  • These superb bettas are expensive.

Rena’s Fish Store

Rena's Logo isolated in white background

This is a Canadian-based online fish store that specializes in selling show-quality betta fish, including Giant bettas, Half-Moon Plakats, and Wild Type betta fish. They also offer accessories and food and provide a detailed care guide for new owners.



The seller ships to the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Orders are shipped on limited days so that the fish are not left in transit for too long. Next-day delivery is slightly more expensive but includes a D.O.A. guarantee.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

This supplier sells a wide selection of unusual, rare betta fish that you won’t find in your regular local fish store. Male and female specimens are included in the range.


  • Superior range of rare and beautiful show-quality betta fish.
  • International orders are accepted and fulfilled.


  • Some specimens are only available for shipping within Canada.
  • The more unusual examples tend to sell-out very quickly.

Betta Fish Top

Betta Fish Top logo

Betta Fish Top is an online fish store that’s based in Thailand. They export their home-bred fish worldwide and have an excellent reputation within the betta enthusiast community. The site has a blog full of tips on betta care, and there’s a forum where owners can chat about their fish.



The seller ships worldwide. Fish are shipped to the U.S. via an internal handling company, which incurs a small additional cost.

Choice of Exotic Bettas For Sale

Betta Fish Top offers a wide range of nice quality bettas, most of which are home-bred. That’s important for owners who are interested in betta genetics and breeding from their fish.


  • Offers a good range of home-bred fish with traceable genealogy.


  • Due to licensing constraints, sellers ship all their fish via a handler in the destination country.
  • In some locations, the fish must be quarantined before being delivered to the new owner.

In Conclusion

Blue betta fish inside aquarium.

Buying betta fish online can be the perfect solution for you if you don’t have a local fish store that stocks them or if you’re looking for a show-quality specimen.

These days, more and more people are buying their fish online, and the experience is generally a positive one, provided that you use a reputable supplier, such as those we’ve mentioned in this guide.

Did you buy your betta fish from an online supplier? Tell us about your experience, including giving a shout-out to your favorite online fish store.

Is your first pet fish a Betta? Give it an awesome name! Find one on our list here.

Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Currently Alison has two large freshwater tanks. The first tank has two huge fancy goldfish who are almost ten years old and still looking as good as ever. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies.

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      So, for a background for your betta’s new tank, there’s quite a wide choice, depending on the aquarium you have. Some tanks come with a black or blue background that you can’t change. However, if you have a clear glass or acrylic tank, you can use any of the aquarium backing paper that you’ll find in pet and fish stores and online.

      If you can’t change the background color of your tank, try using tall plants to break up the block of color. If you don’t want to use live plants, there are plenty of silk ones in different colors that can look great. Don’t use plastic plants, though. Plastic can have sharp points that might snag your betta’s fins and injure him.

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